Upgrade your home energy use with a hybrid system.

What are hybrid heating with cooling systems?

Hybrid heating with cooling systems balance electricity and natural gas to deliver home temperature control that is efficient, affordable and reliable. During milder temperatures, hybrid systems use an electric heat pump to warm your home until the outside temperature drops below your pre-determined set-point (typically 30-40° but ask your licensed heating contractor for guidance on customizing your thermostat setting). At that time, the system switches to a natural gas furnace for heating. Hybrid systems are a great help in cutting costs and reducing emissions and, as an added benefit, they also provide air conditioning in the warmer months.

Why Hybrid Heating?


By drawing from two separate power sources, hybrid systems offer the stability to be depended on through every season.


In terms of performance, hybrid heating systems are as safe as traditional home heating systems. Hybrid systems use less electricity than all-electric systems, putting less strain on the electric grid.


Weatherizing your home prevents energy waste and increases comfort by eliminating hot and cold spots and improving the lifespan of heating and cooling systems. Homeowners can maximize their efficiency gains further by installing a hybrid heating and cooling system.


Unlike hybrid systems, fully electric heating solutions come with higher operating costs, especially during the coldest parts of Western New York winters.


Once your hybrid system is installed and your temperature presets are entered into your thermostat, the system runs itself without inconveniences common to other fuel systems, such as propane deliveries.

Install More Affordably with a Special Rebate

Thinking about switching to a hybrid system? Be sure to check out our rebate through the National Fuel Conservation Incentive Program. If you qualify, you could save $1,350 on the installation.

  • Hot Air Furnace w/ECM plus 15 SEER Heat Pump*
  • 95% AFUE Required Minimum Efficiency
  • Qualify to save $1,350

*To qualify for the enhanced rebate, the furnace w/ECM must be installed with a heat pump with a minimum SEER of 15.
Rebates only for equipment installed between 1/1/23 and 12/31/23.

All eligible measures must be installed by a licensed contractor, or a contractor that can supply you with either a Federal ID number, a Certificate of Insurance or a Business Certificate. The only exception to this is an ENERGY STAR®-labeled gas clothes dryer installation.

In order for a rebate application to be considered complete and processed, the following information must be supplied for furnaces, boilers, water heaters and Wi-Fi thermostats:

  1. Paid invoice or receipt(s) indicating the retailer/contractor name, business address, phone and one of the following:
    Federal ID (tax) number, Certificate of Insurance or Business Certificate.
  2. Manufacturer and complete model number of the equipment installed.
  3. AFUE (efficiency) rating for natural gas furnace or boiler.
  4. Product installation date.

NOTE: Rebates are available for existing single-family homes, multi-family homes, condominiums, mobile homes and new builds. NYSERDA may offer additional rebates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Searching for information that wasn’t covered above? Check out our FAQs to learn more.

How does a hybrid system work?
A hybrid heating system, sometimes referred to as a “dual-fuel heating system,” heats the home with an electric heat pump during cooler weather, until the outdoor air temperature drops to a specified level (typically between 30–40°, but ask your licensed heating contractor for guidance on customizing your thermostat setting), below which the system will switch to a natural gas-powered furnace to heat the home in those colder temperatures.
Will a hybrid system provide greater comfort than a cold climate heat pump?
Yes. The hot air discharged into the home from a high-efficiency furnace is roughly 20° warmer than that discharged from a cold climate heat pump, keeping you toasty warm during the coldest points of winter.
Can I adjust the temperature at which heating switches from electric to natural gas?
Yes. Hybrid systems allow the customer to customize the preset temperature, which can be done right from your thermostat.
Will a hybrid system save me money?
Compared to all-electric cold climate heat pumps, hybrid systems are much less expensive – both to install initially, as well as to operate in colder climates.
Will a hybrid system lower my emissions?
Hybrid systems provide significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional natural gas furnaces.
Is a hybrid system more reliable than a cold climate heat pump?
Yes. The hybrid system’s furnace backup provides an inherently more reliable solution: in a power outage, furnaces can be powered back up with small portable generators, while cold climate heat pumps require significantly greater electricity that could necessitate a larger generator.

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