Why has National Fuel launched this program?

As part of our request to redesign and modify Delivery Service Charges beginning in 2008, we also proposed the Conservation Incentive Program, which represents a substantial commitment to running extensive programs promoting the benefits of conservation through education, rebate offers and targeted low-income initiatives.

What residential equipment qualifies?

Get information on rebates available for equipment installed between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2021.

What do I need to do to receive my rebate?

Residential customers, please see the information below. Non-residential customers must call C.J. Brown Energy at 1-844-365-3493 to receive an energy-use analysis, which will then be used to develop their customized rebate.

Purchased item:
Qualifying hot air furnace, hot air furnace (w/ ECM), hot water boiler, furnace/boiler tune-up, steam boiler, clothes dryer, Wi-Fi thermostat, pool heater, or water heater (storage tank and tankless).

Required documentation for purchased item:

  • All eligible measures must be installed by a licensed contractor, or a contractor that can supply you with either a Federal ID number, or a Certificate of Insurance, or a Business Certificate. The only exception to this is an ENERGY STAR®-labeled gas clothes dryer installation.
  • In order for a rebate application to be considered complete and processed, the following information must be supplied for furnaces, boilers, water heaters, Wi-Fi thermostats, pool heaters and furnace/boiler tune-ups:
    • Paid invoice or receipt(s) indicating the Retailer/Contractor name, business address, phone and one of the following: Federal ID (tax) number, Certificate of Insurance, or Business Certificate.
    • Product installation date.
When does the rebate program expire?

The twelfth year of the program has been approved for approximately one year, and funded to a set amount. We expect to issue rebates through this winter and spring, and if funds are still available, through the summer. If the funding runs out before then, we’ll have to close the program

Do appliances installed in a new-build qualify?

Yes, new builds are also eligible for this program.

Why is there a surcharge associated with this program?

The surcharge is like any other program included in our rate structure. This is built in to the delivery service portion of the bill. Ultimately, the Conservation Incentive Program is designed to encourage customers to upgrade inefficient or old equipment. This is part of a statewide effort to reduce consumption overall and restore balance to the marketplace, with the goal to lower natural gas prices.

Can anyone apply? Am I only eligible to receive one Conservation Incentive Program rebate?

The Conservation Incentive Program is available for National Fuel customers in the Western New York service area. There are no income or usage requirements for residential customers applying for a rebate. Customers are also eligible for an unlimited number of rebates. For example, if you are a landlord and own a property with two water heaters, and you would like to upgrade both, you can apply for rebates on both.

What if I purchased my equipment, but have not installed it yet? Am I eligible for rebates?

Rebates for all equipment will be processed based on the date of purchase and installation. Once installation is complete, the application for rebate can be processed. For example, if you purchase equipment in 2018 and install the equipment in 2019, your rebate will be based on 2019’s rebate offering. Remember to save all of your documentation.

Do I have to buy a specific brand of furnace or water heater, or use a certain contractor?

No. There is not a specific brand of furnace or water heater, or contractor mandated for the program. However, contractors must be able to supply one of the following: Federal ID number, a Certificate of Insurance or a Business Certificate showing their company’s name and address. Installed equipment must meet the required minimum efficiency levels.

National Fuel delivers my natural gas, but the natural gas itself is supplied by another company. Am I still eligible for your Conservation Incentive Program rebate?

Yes, rebates are available for customers in National Fuel’s Western New York service area, regardless of which company provides gas to the customer.

Am I eligible for rebates if I install the equipment myself?

A contractor MUST install all equipment with the exception of an ENERGY STAR®-labeled gas clothes dryer installation. Contractors must be able to supply one of the following: Federal ID number, a Certificate of Insurance or a Business Certificate showing their company’s name and address in order for the rebate application to be considered.