National Fuel has partnered with MyHEAT Inc. (MyHEAT) to enhance energy efficiency awareness and action as part of a pilot program within a cross section of the Western New York service territory. Nearly 94 percent of WNY households use natural gas as an energy source.

MyHEAT provides an online platform that enables customers to view and compare heat escaping from their homes, and encourages them to learn more about local resources and incentives. Data is collected using a world-class thermal sensor to identify where heat loss is occurring from each building across an entire service area from a bird’s-eye view. It is then processed using MyHEAT’s proprietary algorithms to create unique heat loss ratings and thermal images.

Throughout the pilot, customers may receive detailed information about accessing their personalized profile, which will be available until the fall of 2022. Depending on how customers’ National Fuel bills are received, details will be provided as paper mail with a private access code or an email with a direct link. Thermal data was collected by MyHEAT in April 2020 for homes within the pilot area. Customers selected to be in the pilot will receive information.

By accessing a personalized profile on the platform, customers can visualize details about how their home uses and loses energy. They can also instantly connect with rebates for energy-efficient home improvements to help save money.

If you received an access code by mail, please visit to see your home profile. If you received an access code by email, simply click the My Home Profile button.

For more information about MyHEAT, please visit